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14 Jan 2019

The new Coworking Library is now online

By Johanna Voll   In January 2019 the Coworking Library announced a major update: You can now search the open interdisciplinary database by discipline, publication year, language, document type and/or keyword. It's a free resource that features all research that... Continue Reading →

An exploration of surrealism as an aesthetic activity in collective ethnographic work

By Héloïse Berkowitz, CNRS TSM Research,   How to jointly develop scientific knowledge from data collect made through group, event-based research methodologies like OWEE (Open-Walked Event-based Experiments)? In OWEE, ‘field work’ moves beyond both observations or action-research approaches by... Continue Reading →

Street Art: Who Holds the Wall?

By Renée Zachariou The promise was enticing, and the menu quite mysterious: OWEE (Open Walked Event-based Experimentations) is a research protocol conducted by international researchers. After several experiments all over the world (in Tokyo and London), a tour in the... Continue Reading →

Co-producing Traces From Our Walked Discussions: The Use of Digital Tools

By François-Xavier de Vaujany and Viviane Sergi   Our learning expeditions and field trips following the OWEE protocol have often resulted in co-produced traces by means of various tools: posts on blogs (e.g. RGCS WordPress, the Conversation, LSE Business Review,... Continue Reading →

EURAM 2016 Fab lab, coworking space, start-up accelerator… New spaces of cooperation?

By Julie Fabbri and Anna Glaser During the 16th EURAM Conference in Paris (at Paris-Creteil University) we had the opportunity to organize a Development Working Group (DWG) entitled “Fab lab, coworking space, start-up accelerator… New spaces of cooperation?”. The DWG... Continue Reading →

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