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Walking from Montmartre to Montreuil: An exploration of the vestiges and ghosts of industrialization

10/06/2019 Contributors (alphabetical order):  Fiza Brakel-Ahmed; Olivier Irrmann; François-Xavier de Vaujany; Sandrine Pissard  Piss; Andrea Resca; Tadashi Uda   The Research Group on Collaborative Spaces (RGCS) organized on June, 6th a new collaborative learning expedition which gathered 15 academics and... Continue Reading →

“Vers une éducation ouverte” : publication de la quatrième note de recherche RGCS

La quatrième note de recherche recherche vient de paraître. Elle aborde le thème de l'éducation ouverte à partir de 8 études de cas. Vous pouvez la télécharger ici Excellente lecture !        

Visitors at the Doorstep of Makerspaces: The new Fado of Lisbon?

Contributors: Joao Ferreira, François-Xavier de Vaujany, Tobias Seidl, Cornelia Vonhof, Nour Alrabie, Viktoria Pepler and Dan Nguyen     Overview of our collaborative learning expedition #Lisbonmakers2019   Our last collaborative learning expedition took place in Lisbon on April, 23rd-24th. It... Continue Reading →

Collaborative Ethnography as Open Science: Walking with Jack Nicholson

Our last collaborative learning expedition in Lisbon has been an opportunity to come back to the practice we try to co-design. During a research seminar at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics on April, 24th, François-Xavier de Vaujany (PSL,... Continue Reading →

Next collaborative learning expedition in Lisbon: full program on line!

Dear all, The full program of our next collaborative learning expedition in Lisbon is now on line! This new OWEE will be an opportunity to explore makerspaces, fablabs and local collaborative communities at large. It will also an opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Collaborative Ethnography: Welcoming the Passenger

By François-Xavier de Vaujany, PSL, Université Paris-Dauphine Ethnography, auto-ethnography and collaborative ethnography are more and more parts of my research and teaching practices. Open Walked Event-Based Experimentations (OWEE), these collaborative learning expeditions experimented since 2016, have been an opportunity for... Continue Reading →

Program of “Makers, DIY & DIT in Lisbon”

The program of our next collaborative learning expedition #OWEE is now on line. Our event entitled "Makers, DIY & DIT in Lisbon: the New Explorers" will take place on April, 23rd-24th in Lisbon The full program can be accessed here... Continue Reading →

Overview of RGCS activites (2014-2018): studying and experimenting collaborative practices

Our network has first been a working group (NETC) set up in October 2014. It has then be a network gathering researchers, entrepreneurs and activists interested in new ways of working (e.g. collaborative work and collaborative spaces) and exploring new... Continue Reading →

Representativeness, Legitimacy & Democracy: Towards a New Politics of Organizing?

The 3rd OOSE workshop at EGOS conference will take place in Edinburgh on July, 3rd 2019 (7.30 PM). For long, Platon, Condorcet, Arrow have imagined what democracy and democratic organizing could be. The issue of the transitivity of preferences and... Continue Reading →

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