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Collaborative Ethnography: Welcoming the Passenger

By François-Xavier de Vaujany, PSL, Université Paris-Dauphine Ethnography, auto-ethnography and collaborative ethnography are more and more parts of my research and teaching practices. Open Walked Event-Based Experimentations (OWEE), these collaborative learning expeditions experimented since 2016, have been an opportunity for... Continue Reading →


Program of “Makers, DIY & DIT in Lisbon”

The program of our next collaborative learning expedition #OWEE is now on line. Our event entitled "Makers, DIY & DIT in Lisbon: the New Explorers" will take place on April, 23rd-24th in Lisbon The full program can be accessed here... Continue Reading →

Demain tous clonés ? De l’assistant Google à la duplication numérique

NB : cet article reprend l'annexe de la dernière note de recherche RGCS. Les notes de bas de page ne sont pas reproduites dans cette version. Michel Serres (2018 : p 10) : « Nous croyons à la dualité de... Continue Reading →

Marcher l’histoire du travail : d’une porte à l’autre

Par François-Xavier de Vaujany   Dans le cadre d’une nouvelle conversation marchée du réseau RGCS, nous avons décidé d’explorer le passé du travail. Deux périodes étaient au cœur de l’événement (« Past of work 2018 ») organisé le 14 décembre : le... Continue Reading →

Cultivating Care and Broad-Mindedness in Academic Publishing

By Diane-Laure Arjaliès,  Santi Furnari, Albane Grandazzi, Marie Hasbi, Maximilian Heimstädt, Thomas Roulet, François-Xavier de Vaujany (a shorter version will be published very soon on LSE Impact Blog)   It was a hot and sunny day at the Academy of... Continue Reading →

An exploration of surrealism as an aesthetic activity in collective ethnographic work

By Héloïse Berkowitz, CNRS TSM Research,   How to jointly develop scientific knowledge from data collect made through group, event-based research methodologies like OWEE (Open-Walked Event-based Experiments)? In OWEE, ‘field work’ moves beyond both observations or action-research approaches by... Continue Reading →

The City: Re-introducing Streets and Public Spaces in Research Practices

By Boukje Cnossen, Stefan Haefliger and François-Xavier de Vaujany   Numerous research have transformed the street and public spaces into research objects (see e.g. Bundy, 1987; Voyce, 2006; Weisburd et al, 2004), but what about making them (again?) a research... Continue Reading →

Designing Serendipity: Walk in Progress

By Hélène Bussy-Socrate and Nicolas Aubouin   In the context of one Open Walked Event Based Experimentations (OWEE), Nicolas and I were in charge of organizing a learning expedition in Paris about Street Art. Most OWEE and past learning expeditions... Continue Reading →

“Walking in Berlin”- a Newbie’s reflection on an unexpected OWEE experience during #Collday2017

By Johanna Voll #Collday2017: 8th-10th March 2017 – Berlin and the Collaborative Economy: Old Friends? Collday2017 was the first event of RGCS Berlin and combined a conference, a workshop as well as a learning expedition over the course of three... Continue Reading →

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