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RGCS White Paper

Demain tous clonés ? De l’assistant Google à la duplication numérique

NB : cet article reprend l'annexe de la dernière note de recherche RGCS. Les notes de bas de page ne sont pas reproduites dans cette version. Michel Serres (2018 : p 10) : « Nous croyons à la dualité de... Continue Reading →

University beyond the Walls: Experiencing Innovative Spaces on Grenoble Campus

By Sabine Carton (University of Grenoble Alpes) How to promote innovative educational spaces inside and outside Grenoble campus and get people involve in their uses? In June 2018, Promising[1] and several faculties used Open Walked Event-Based Experimentations (OWEE) approach at... Continue Reading →

Walking the Talk, Talking the Place: Three Research Protocols for Learning Expeditions

Walking the talk, talking the place: Three research protocols for learning expeditions   Jeremy Aroles, Hélène Bussy-Socrate and François-Xavier de Vaujany   Managers, customers, citizens, entrepreneurs and researchers are being transformed into knowledge tourists but more rarely into ‘knowledge voyageurs’.... Continue Reading →

A learning expedition about street art: why?

  Back to an initial dream: walking together, collaborating together…   In September 2016, a small network of scholars and practitioners (RGCS) experimented a first learning expedition in Barcelona. This event gathered students, artists, designers and academics interested in the... Continue Reading →

Co-workers and makers: New public policies and corporate strategies for the city

By Laetitia Vitaud, speaker, writer and researcher, specialised in the future of work, organisations and consumption (original post here on the LSE Business Review blog) Collaborative doers will increasingly play a political role, transforming traditional political mechanisms, writes Laetitia Vitaud Collaborative movements and... Continue Reading →

RGCS White Paper (Omega version)

Please find here the final (Omega version) of RGCS White Paper entitled: Coworkers, makers and hackers in the city: Reinventing policies, corporate strategies and citizenship? To access the slide share version, click here Looking forward to your feedbacks 🙂 RGCS... Continue Reading →

White Paper (Alpha) in English is out

The English-Speaking version of RGCS White Paper (Alpha version) is now on line: "RGCS White Paper Alpha version" This Alpha version offers a starting point and a vision for the elaboration of RGCS White Paper (see this document:  A process... Continue Reading →

RGCS White Paper (Version Alpha)

Dear all, Please find below the Alpha version of our White paper (in French): Livre blanc RGCS_Version Alpha bis The English-speaking version will be put on line very soon. Best RGCS teamp  

A process for RGCS White Paper

Please find below more information about RGCS White Paper A process for RGCS White Paper Version Alpha of the WP is already on line here Version Omega, the final version of our White Paper, will be published in December in... Continue Reading →

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