This first working group will be focused on the co-design of a method which is now at the heart of RGCS: Open Walked Event-Based Experimentations (OWEE).

OWEE consists in organizing continuously a set of walked events all other the world and connecting them in time and space (e.g. with Twitter and other tools), producing a sense of ‘happening’ together with academics, entrepreneurs, activists, artists, to be transformative of work practices (e.g. academic work practices). Our two last learning expeditions where #collday2017 in Berlin and #visualizinghacking2017 in Tokyo.

Two workshops during our next learning expeditions in Italy and Switzerland (see upcoming events section) will be an opportunity to co-design a 2.0 version of OWEE.

For more details about OWEE, the this article on LSE Impact Blog: Towards more integrative research practices: introducing Open Walked Event-based Experimentations

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