20th April (5 PM at LBMG): 5-6 PM visit of the “Grands Voisins environment. 6-8 PM: roundtable and seminar aboutNew work practices, consultants and consulting

For more information: aurore.dandoy@dauphine.eu, devaujany@dauphine.fr or julie.fabbri@gmail.com


6-7th April (9 AM-5 PM): Joint workshop at Oxford University with ESCIES about Innovation hubs & Collaborative Communities (TBC).

For more information: helene.lambrix@gmail.com or stefan.haefliger.1@city.ac.uk


SPECIAL EVENT: 8th-10th March: First event of RGCS in Berlin, “Coll-Day”:Berlin and the Collaborative Economy: Old Friends? . Three days intense set of events: a conference, a workshop, a learning expedition. Great opportunities to meet the collaborative communities in Berlin and to understand the local ecosystem. Link to register.


17th April (18.00-22.00): Visit of an artistic wasteland (“friche artistique”): La friche Lamartine in Lyon area. Collective discussion about “Art, innovation and creativity” (TBC).

Contact: david.vallat@univ-lyon1.fr (for Lyon), julie.fabbri@gmail.com and sabine.carton@iae-grenoble.fr (for Grenoble)


March, 16th (12.30-2 PM) at ESG UQAM, research seminar with Laurent Taskin about “Une perspective de recherche critique sur les espaces de travail : de l’invisibilité à la considération de la dé-humanisation au travail“. For more details, click here.


March, 22nd (4 PM-6 Pm): second meeting of RGCS Amsterdam. With a presentation of Vera de Jong about “Co-designing a professional innovative learning environment“. For more details about the program, click here.

Contact: boukje.cnossen@gmail.com