#RGCSBerlin is coordinated by François-Xavier de Vaujany (Université PSL Paris-Dauphine), Suntje Schmidt (Umboldt Universität), Bastian Lange (Multiplicities) and Rose-Marie Oger (Fab Lab Berlin)

Berlin is at the heart of the sharing and peer-to-peer economy and part of their founding myths and visions. In relationship with some specificities of its territory and History, this is particularly true about:

  • The circular economy and the values, techniques or modes of governance aiming at recycling and fighting against planned obsolescence (with the maker movement, repair coffees, DIY, DIT, etc.);
  • Digital and material hackers and makers’ movements at large. Both those related to entrepreneurial eco-systems of the city and its broader territory, or those with a more activist vision;
  • Design, fashion and creativity oriented activities. Berlin is not as industrialized as other German major cities. It is nonetheless a very entrepreneurial and innovative place, in particular on these topics.

RGCS Berlin will particularly cover these three interrelated areas and levels of analysis (more micro for circular economy, more meso and social movements oriented for makers and hackers, more micro and everyday practices oriented for the last one).

Do not hesitate to join us if you want to participate to our discussion!

Looking forward to meeting you in our seminars, workshops and meeting points

Suntje, Rose-Marie, Bastian and François, co-coordinators of RGCS Berlin