Grenoble has grown to be one of Europe’s most important research, technology, and innovation centers, with each fifth inhabitant working directly in these domains. The city is an important university center with many offices of technology transfer and incubation of technological start-up. The mixing of skills in microelectronics and software development allows in Grenoble to be a major center of innovation in connected objects

RGCS Grenoble chapter will particularly cover the following areas:

  • How specific collaborative spaces emerge from geographical constraints and from socio-demographic dimensions.
  • New forms of project management in such collaborative spaces
  • How the collaborative space support the creativity of their members
  • How co design with students collaborative spaces in the university

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Nicolas, Guy, Sabine

#RGCSGrenoble by Sabine Carton (IAE de Grenoble), Nicolas Lesca (IUT de Grenoble) and Guy Parmentier (IAE de Grenoble)

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