Friday 16th Dec. 2016 – 11.30 to 13.00: Academic Paper Presentations – Session 2 

  • Topic 5 (Room 1-10): Reinventing continents, nations and territories: the dynamic of clusters and new social hubs. Track chair: Janet Merkel, City University

Friederici Nicolas (OII, Oxford University); Innovation Hubs in Africa: Assemblers of Technology Entrepreneurs

Evans Graeme (Middlesex University): Networks of social enterprises in the creative sector – clusters or ecosystems

Grenier Corinne (KEDGE) & Rym Ibrahim (KEDGE): Innovations in Collective and Connected Housing for elderly: the role of one regional cluster as a collective creative community to sustain projective agency and bricolage


  • Topic 6 (Room 2-11): The materiality and space of coworking, fab lab and makers communities. Track chair: Julie Fabbri, EMLYON Business School

Tunçalp Deniz (Istanbul Technical University) & Elif Çelik (Istanbul Technical University): Curse of the Closure: Exploring the Start-up Survival and the Socio-Materiality of Incubator Design

Dandoy Aurore (DRM, PSL-Université Paris-Dauphine), Fargeot Stéphanie (DRM, PSL-Université Paris-Dauphine), & Grandazzi Albane (DRM, PSL-Université Paris-Dauphine): Materializing services and values in the context of a guided tour of collaborative spaces: a phenomenological approach

Aubouin Nicolas (PSB) & Capdevila Ignasi (PSB): Collaborative logics in the localized spaces of the sharing economy

Bernhardt Alexandra (Technische Universität Chemnitz): More than just a Workspace Perception of the Working Environment in Coworking Spaces

Pareja-Eastaway Montserrat (Universitat de Barcelona): Collaborative spaces and networks: the case of the video game sector in Barcelona


  • Topic 7 (Room 2-10): Collaborative spaces as contexts of open innovation and boundary-spanners. Track chair: o Schmidt Suntje (Leibniz-Institut für Raumbezogene Sozialforschung, IRS)

Fernandez Valérie (Télécom ParisTech), Garnier Christelle (Télécom ParisTech), Puel Gilles (LEREPS, Université de Toulouse), Renaud Clément (Télécom ParisTech): Changing the Culture of Innovation in Shanghai: Open Innovation Spaces

Neyer Ann-Katrin (Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg), Jonas Julia (Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg) & Buchardt Tino (Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg): Job crafting in collaborative spaces

Versailles David (PSB), Merindol Valérie (PSB), & Capdevila Ignasi (PSB): The development of creative capabilities in established firms with work and workplace transformation in open innovation context

Sacepe Karine (i3-CRG Ecole polytechnique): Collaborative innovation space networks and innovator community


  • Topic 8 (Room 1-13): Sharing economy, collaboration and community: methodological issues. Track chair: Julien Jourdan, PSL- Paris-Dauphine University

Curto-Millet Daniel (ESCP Europe) & Pujadas Roser (London School of Economics & Political Sciences): Reconceptualising sharing in the digital economy

Gruen Adèle (DRM, PSL-Université Paris-Dauphine): Collective Practices of Appropriation in a Coworking Space

Duprat Lola (LEST, Aix & Marseille Université): The collective as new form of community organisation: case study of a FabLab in Marseille (France)

Toivonen Tuukka (UCL Institute for Global Prosperity) & Onya Idoko (UCL Institute for Global Prosperity): Collaborative Spaces & Creativity: An Object-Centric Approach to Tracing Ideas & Interactions through the Hubscape