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Next Seminar of RGCS Paris : 12th October at Labo de l’édition

Please find below an invitation for the next seminar of RGCS Paris which will take place the 12th October (5 PM) at Labo de l'édition: invitation-seminaire-rgcs-paris-du-12-octobre-2016 Looking forward to meeting you all there! Best


The collaborative economy and Robin Hood: Political experimentations without political visions?

The collaborative economy is at the heart of contemporary capitalism. It relies massively on digital infrastructures and their necessary standards. For some managers, it is the ideal setting for the experimentation of disruptive business models and global strategies. It enables... Continue Reading →

Des nouvelles formes de collaboration : quelles utopies sociales ?

« You will join a community ». La promesse est récurrente. A la distinction consommateur-producteur succèderait aujourd’hui une catégorie unique : celle des collaborateurs. Liés par une infrastructure numérique globale, des communautés imbriquées, un langage quasi-universel (l’anglais), des standards, des peurs et... Continue Reading →

Developping new collaborative policies in partnership with collaborative spaces

Coworking spaces, fab labs, maker spaces, media labs... What does it mean, what does it bring? Almost one year since RGCS started. What about the novely of the phenomenon? Are we entering into a new world? Are we attending to... Continue Reading →

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