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“Collaborative finance for collaborative spaces”, #RGCSBarcelona seminar on fablabs & crowdfunding

By Heloise Berkowitz (Ecole Polytechnique, i3-CRG) We thank IBEI for graciously hosting the event and for Carlos, Helena and Gloria for their precious help in organizing the seminar. And we thank our three presentators : Ignasi Capdevila (PSB), Tomas Diez (Fab City... Continue Reading →

Meeting point at the AOM 2016

We will organize an off-the-track workshop this year at the Academy of Management (Anaheim, 5th-10th August). Join us if you are interested in collaborative communities, collaborative spaces, collaborative movements (coworkers, makers, fabbers, hackers...) and work transformations at large (new mobilities,... Continue Reading →

RGCS White Paper (Version Alpha)

Dear all, Please find below the Alpha version of our White paper (in French): Livre blanc RGCS_Version Alpha bis The English-speaking version will be put on line very soon. Best RGCS teamp  

A process for RGCS White Paper

Please find below more information about RGCS White Paper A process for RGCS White Paper Version Alpha of the WP is already on line here Version Omega, the final version of our White Paper, will be published in December in... Continue Reading →

Call for papers – First RGCS Symposium 2016

We are pleased to announce the first international symposium of the RGCS network:    Friday, 16th December, 9:00 – 20:00 (9PM – 8PM) in Paris   Work and workplace transformations: The new communities of makers and entrepreneurs in the city... Continue Reading →

Event of RGCS Montreal – 01/15/2016

Le séminaire de RGCS Montréal aura lieu le 15 janvier 2016 (13h30-16h)  dans les locaux de l’UQAM (salle DS-3650)   Thème : « Les espaces collaboratifs à Montréal »  Le programme sera le suivant :  13h30-14h : « Le réseau RGCS : philosophie et mode de fonctionnement... Continue Reading →

Une nouvelle clé pour comprendre les espaces collaboratifs : les communautés émotionnelles ?

Max Weber ne cesse d’être découvert et redécouvert. C’est récemment en lisant ou relisant plusieurs de ses écrits que je suis tombé sur cette notion de « communautés émotionnelles » (Weber, 1971, &5, pp. 204-211). Le concept est à mettre en perspective.... Continue Reading →

Event of RGCS London – 01/15

Dear all, We are pleased to announce the next event of RGCS London, the 15th January, 9.00-16.00 at Cass Business School. The topic will be: "Collaboration and Innovation in New Workplaces:coworking spaces and maker spaces in London" Invitation can be... Continue Reading →

Fab time: let me show you our new space in the city

Maker spaces, fab labs, hacker spaces, innovation labs, media labs… are great things to show. What is more effective, to impress a visitor, than to show him or her a place, an ‘innovative’ place. To make innovation, during the time... Continue Reading →

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