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New PhD: Boukje Cnossen ! \o/

On January 16th, Boukje Cnossen defended her PhD thesis at the Tilburg School of Economics and Management of Tilburg University, the Netherlands. !!!!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!! The main focus of her thesis concerned organizing practices between solo-entrepreneurs in the creative industries. The... Continue Reading →

Science popularization seminar #RGCSParis

by Aurore Dandoy (Université PSL Paris-Dauphine), Bérénice Thouin (La Fabrique des Territoires Innovants) and Christian Simon (Fablab Sorbonne Universités)   In February 2018, the #RGCSParis seminar took place in an intriguing fablab : FabLab SU. Why intriguing ? - First,... Continue Reading →

RGCS Toulouse launched during the FabLab Festival – on the 12th of May

by Amélie Bohas (Aix-Marseille Université), Constance Garnier (Telecom Paris-Tech) and Stéphanie Faure (Université PSL Paris-Dauphine) In April 2017, a brand new RGCS (Research Group on Collaborative Spaces) chapter opened in Toulouse. So as to start this adventure in a collective and open way, a first... Continue Reading →

“Collaborative finance for collaborative spaces”, #RGCSBarcelona seminar on fablabs & crowdfunding

By Heloise Berkowitz (Ecole Polytechnique, i3-CRG) We thank IBEI for graciously hosting the event and for Carlos, Helena and Gloria for their precious help in organizing the seminar. And we thank our three presentators : Ignasi Capdevila (PSB), Tomas Diez (Fab City... Continue Reading →

Next Seminar of RGCS Paris : 12th October at Labo de l’édition

Please find below an invitation for the next seminar of RGCS Paris which will take place the 12th October (5 PM) at Labo de l'édition: invitation-seminaire-rgcs-paris-du-12-octobre-2016 Looking forward to meeting you all there! Best

Next seminar of RGCS London: 20th October

Please find below an invitation for the next seminar of RGCS London which will take place the 20th October (4 PM) at Cass Business School: invitation-rgcs-london-20th-october-2016 The topic will be "Public policies about entrepreneurship and innovation in London: just market-driven?"... Continue Reading →

RGCS Barcelona: first seminar in September!

First meeting of RGCS Barcelona, 22nd-23rd September (at Barcelona University) 22nd September 15:00-15:15 – Presentation of the RGCS network. Introduction by coordinators of the RGCS network and the RGCS Barcelona Chapter by Montserrat Pareja-Eastaway (Universitat de Barcelona), Ignasi Capdevila (PSB... Continue Reading →

EURAM 2016 Fab lab, coworking space, start-up accelerator… New spaces of cooperation?

By Julie Fabbri and Anna Glaser During the 16th EURAM Conference in Paris (at Paris-Creteil University) we had the opportunity to organize a Development Working Group (DWG) entitled “Fab lab, coworking space, start-up accelerator… New spaces of cooperation?”. The DWG... Continue Reading →

Seminar of RGCS London (update)

The next seminar of RGCS London will take place the 17th June, 5 PM  at Cass Business School The topic will be: "Coworking spaces and coworking movements in London: an overview of business models" Looking forward to meeting you all... Continue Reading →

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