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« Slashers », pluriactivité et transformations du travail : opportunité ou menace pour le management ?

By François-Xavier de Vaujany, Université Paris Dauphine – PSL Pluriactif ! Les exemples abondent autour des nous : journaliste-écrivain, chauffeur privé-gérant d’une supérette, infirmier-professeur de yoga, enseignant en anglais-traducteur, freelancer multiple… Les pluriactifs n’ont jamais été aussi nombreux. Ils incarnent à... Continue Reading →

Redécouvrir l’altérité en management : petit voyage avec C-Base, Montesquieu et les extra-terrestres

By François-Xavier de Vaujany, Université Paris Dauphine – PSL Adolescent, je regardais avec amusement les épisodes des « Envahisseurs » avec David Vincent. Ce monde où se cachaient des extra-terrestres, une altérité intelligente et en même temps (paradoxe ?) radicalement différente. J’aimais les passages... Continue Reading →

Management as Transformative of Society and Politics

Management is a tricky, pervasive word today. Everybody manages something: a budget, a house, a family, a team, a car… Beyond the omnipresence of management as a discourse and buzzwords, what is less obvious is the growing transformative effect of... Continue Reading →

RGCS White Paper (Version Alpha)

Dear all, Please find below the Alpha version of our White paper (in French): Livre blanc RGCS_Version Alpha bis The English-speaking version will be put on line very soon. Best RGCS teamp  

A process for RGCS White Paper

Please find below more information about RGCS White Paper A process for RGCS White Paper Version Alpha of the WP is already on line here Version Omega, the final version of our White Paper, will be published in December in... Continue Reading →

Call for papers – First RGCS Symposium 2016

We are pleased to announce the first international symposium of the RGCS network:    Friday, 16th December, 9:00 – 20:00 (9PM – 8PM) in Paris   Work and workplace transformations: The new communities of makers and entrepreneurs in the city... Continue Reading →

The collaborative economy and Robin Hood: Political experimentations without political visions?

The collaborative economy is at the heart of contemporary capitalism. It relies massively on digital infrastructures and their necessary standards. For some managers, it is the ideal setting for the experimentation of disruptive business models and global strategies. It enables... Continue Reading →

Work transformations and the teaching of management: towards the end of business schools (as they are?)

Academics in the area of management are often invited to draw managerial implications about their research. This is often part of a section called “managerial implications” or “implications for practice” (in scientific journals). Most of the time, this results in... Continue Reading →

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