Working Group about ‘Communication and legitimacy’

WG2 (in London): ‘Communication and legitimacy in and of collaborative spaces: promises and paradoxes of new workplaces’. It is coordinated by Magda Hercheui (UCL) and François-Xavier de Vaujany (université Paris-Dauphine). It deals with the off-line and on-line promises of collaborative spaces, the paradox they sometimes represent, and more generally, the communication and legitimacy claims of collaborative spaces in London and other European cities. The main promises are the entry into a ‘community’, ‘horizontal collaborations’, ‘networks’, ‘gifs and counter-gifts’, a ‘sharing micro-economy’, and ‘value co-creation’.

The group focuses on the tools and experiences provided to communicate the promises of the place and the space (e.g. tours, visits, blogs, websites, viral videos, etc.). It has a more micro-social focus than WG 1 and aims at producing ethnographic accounts of tours, visits, and on-line first discoveries of these new spaces. It also aims at exploring how promises will ‘live’, be kept, maintained through ethnographic and auto-ethnographic accounts of collaborative spaces. Activism, social movements feeding or deconstructing the promises and utopias behind collaborative spaces will also be part of the topics covered by this WG.

Contacts: Magda Hercheui ( and François-Xavier de Vaujany (