An open field trip in Boston July, 25th-27th #hackingday2018


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This field trip is organized by the Research Group on Collaborative Spaces (RGCS) in partnership with PSL Research University. RGCS is an international network of scholars interested in the study and transformation of new work practices in and through collaborative spaces (e.g. coworking spaces, makerspaces and hackerspaces).

This event will take place in July (25th, 26th, and 27th) in Boston.

The general topic of our field trip will be “Opening and hacking knowledge: back to where it started?“.


Boston is a key place for open innovation, open knowledge, FabLabs and hacker culture. It is an historical starting point. With a group of academics from PSL research university and a couple of entrepreneurs and activists, we want to do a trip in space and time. We would like to understand the emergence of open and hackers cultures by coming back where and when it started.

Our expedition will alternate the visits of collaborative space (e.g. makerspaces and hackerspaces) with seminars, collective discussions and visits of academic places (Harvard University, MIT, BC…). Academic visits will be an opportunity to attend conferences about opening and hacking knowledge, in particular with an historical focus (how it started). This will be an opportunity for discussions and explorations of local academic labs (coworking spaces, incubators, accelerators, makerspaces, hackerspaces, FabLabs…). To cultivate reflexivity for ourselves and people attending our event from far, we will write each day a Framapad which will be a way to share our views and experience of the day.

The French delegation will consist of 15 professors, associate professors and PhD students of PSL university, mainly from social sciences and humanities (sociology, management, anthropology…). 20 places will also be reserved to entrepreneurs, activists, non-PSL academics, students who would like to join us for this learning expedition and co-production of knowledge on the topic of: “hacking and opening knowledge”. The all event will be co-production oriented and will follow a protocol called Open Walked Event-Based Experimentations (OWEE).


Do not hesitate to join us for this great adventure! Registrations are free of charge but the number of seats at our event is limited and registrations will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis. Registration:




July, 24th: Meeting point, pre-event

7.30pmFirst welcome point in Boston. Look out, rooftop bar (at your charge)


July, 25th: Day I

10.00-11.30am: Welcome point followed by the visit of MIT museum (at your charge)


12.00am: Meeting point in front of the  MIT media lab.


Lunch around (at your charge) and co-production workshop (including the tour of MIT at 3:15pm). A collective history of hacking and opening knowledge in Boston. Let’s learn and co-produce knowledge together!

Three groups… Finding and taking pictures of vestiges and legacies of hacking in Boston

  • Group 1: Boston Computer society: Boston as part of computer History
  • Group 2: Tech Model Railroad club at MIT: first move towards hacking… without the later political dimension?
  • Group 3: FabLabs: towards a global network… and global domination? Can open knowledge be a global phenomenon? More than a paradox, a contradiction?

For each group, the idea will be to move on MIT campus to find vestiges, people, and artifacts likely to constitute a flash history. At the end of the afternoon, each group will 15 minutes (diffused live on Our Instagram and Facebook accounts) to diffuse their views about their topic. During each feedback and presentation, all members of the group will type a summary and comment on a Framapad. Let’s co-produce knowledge together!   


15.15: Tour of MIT. If you would like to join the tour, please come to 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge. Once you get inside you will be in a large lobby that is where you wait for the tour.


18.00-19.00: first collective discussion and Framapad: “Opening and hacking: back to where it started?” What have we learned today?


19.00-22.00: work night at TMRC



July, 26th: Day II

9.30-11.15: visits of Harvard Wyss Institute. Meeting with Harvard scholars


11.30-12.30: Campus tour booked at Harvard (donation at the end of the tour welcome)


12.30-14.00: Free time, lunch around. (at your charge)


14.00-15.30: Visit of CIC Cambridge Innovation Center When you arrive at our building (One Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142), you’ll need to check in with building security with a photo ID in the lobby. From there, head to the 14th floor and let Concierge know that you’re meeting Jon Curtiss, who will be providing your tour.

Find out more about Jon:


15.30-16.30: Let’s co-produce this time-slot!


17.00-18.00: Temporal exhibition at MIT, visual art center, presentation of the work of Delia Gonzales (MIT List Visual Arts Center, Building E15, MIT List Visual Arts Center, 20 AMES ST, Cambridge, MA 02142:


18.00-19.00: second collective discussion and Framapad: “Opening and hacking: back to where it started?” What have we learned today?


20.00: Let’s find together a fun, alternative place for dinner!



July, 27th: Day III (co-produced part)

11.00-12.00am: Visit of WeWork Mass Ave.. Meeting point at 625 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, États-Unis.


12.00-15.30: co-produced part of the tour… #OWEE culture, part of our field trip is always co-produced by the group itself. The best J


15.30-17.00: Passports, Lives in Transit (Harvard library)


17.30-18.30: Last collective discussion and Framapad. What role can play academics in the hacker culture and hacker movement? How can hacker culture and hacker movement regenerate entrepreneurship and innovation processes in society?


19.00-22:00: OPTIONAL: “Romeo & Juliet in the Loeb Ex” (Shakespeare) at Loeb Experimental Theater, 64 Brattle St., Cambridge.

Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, which has not been performed at Harvard since 2007, will win your heart. HRST’s production brings the story into our modern era, and the star-crossed couple loves across the political divide. Come enjoy the heartbreak, the passion, and the revelry of this timeless romance. Warning: This production uses prop weaponry and contains staged violence.



July, 28th : optional day IV for those who will stay the week end

For those who will stay on Saturday

10.00am-12.00am: visit o Harvard art museum

From 6.00pm: visit of TMRC


More details about hacking, hacker culture and the spirit of our learning expedition here:

Hacks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Exposing the hidden history of computer hacking

Happy 60th Birthday to the Word “Hack”


Coordinators of #hackingday2018:

Aurore Dandoy (PSL, Université Paris-Dauphine) & François-Xavier de Vaujany (PSL, Université Paris-Dauphine)

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