Research seminars are opportunities to attend presentations by academics, practitioners and consultants interested in collaborative spaces.

Working groups correspond to more informal, creative and interactive meetings. They are sometimes organized jointly with research seminars, sometimes separetely.

Research seminars, Working Groups, informal discussions between members, and research projects related to RGCS aim at contributing to an annual event (which should take place in December 2016 in Paris) which should be an opportunity to provide diagnosis and recommandations for corporate strategies and public policies about collaborative spaces, places and experiences in the city. These proposals will be formalized in an RGCS White Paper which will be communicated and diffused during this event.

Click here to know more about RGCS White Paper Process or to get the Alpha version of our White Paper.

Upcoming events


3rd November (4 PM-6.30 PM, salle de visioconférence de l’université Paris-Dauphine): RGCS seminar about “Placing organized work: how and why place is a useful concept for Management and Organization Studies” with Bertrand Sergot and Anne-Laure Saives

30th November (7 PM at PSL headquarters): Roundtable “Entrepreneurs : une nouvelle classe politique dans la cité ?” in partnership with PSL

16th December: First RGCS international symposium in Paris about “CallForPapersFirstRGCSsymposium2016-06. All chapters and people interested in collaborative communities and collaborative spaces can join us for a conference and presentation of our white report.

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October, 25th (3 PM-5 PM) at  ESG UQAM (salle R-4240): Research seminar about « Regard sur les espaces de coworking avec la perspective de la théorie des configurations organisationnelles », by Thomas Bargone-Fisette, ESG UQAM and  « Le phénomène Maker et la commercialisation des inventions: utilité ou nuisance? L’épée à double tranchant du partage d’espace de création et de fabrication sur les ambitions entrepreneuriales. », by Alina Grenier Arellano. Full program can be accessed here

November, 3rd (10 AM-11.30 AM)  at ESG UQAM (salle R-1910). Research seminar visioconference with RGCS Paris about « Placing organized work : How and why place is a useful concept for management and organization studies » by Bertrand Sergot, Université Paris Sud and Anne-Laure Saives, ESG UQAM. Full program can be accessed here

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20th October (5 PM) at Cass Business School: “Public policies of entrepreneurship and innovation in London: only market-driven? ” Followed by a working group about version Beta of our White Paper “Business models and the communication of collaborative spaces”

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Grenoble & Lyon

11th October (5.30 PM) at IAE of Grenoble: “Architecture et espaces des communautés collaboratives

Other events in Lyon and Grenoble will be published soon

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22nd-23rd September 2016: First meeting, research seminar about “Coworkers, Makers, Hackers and Fabbers: main trends in Barcelona“, at the University of Barcelona with Montserrat Pareja, Ignasi Capdevilla and Roser Pujadas.

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Past events


13th January 2016 (2 PM, espace one at Dauphine): comparison of local public policies about third places  (with the City of Paris and the Conseil Régional Ile de France – La Fonderie)

25th January 2016 : RGCS seminar at Player (5 PM) about innovation and entrepreneurship

15th March (2 PM, espace one): study about Fab labs (presentation of a study about 80 European Fab labs, with Raphael Suire, Professor of economics at Université de Rennes)

21st March: RGCS seminar (5 PM) at Beeotop about ethnographical perspectives on maker spaces

17th May: RGCS seminar (4 PM at Marketing space): “From open spaces to collaborative spaces” with a discussion with the City of Paris (Maud Berthier) about students coworking spaces supported by the city of Paris.

12th October (5 PM at Labo de l’édition): about “Espaces collaboratifs : entre marché et bien commun” With Alexandre Blein (ENPC) and Caroline Scotto (Mines ParisTech). Followed by a workshop about “education, innovations and third-places” at Le Labo de l’Edition. For more information.


15th January, all day long at Cass Business School (9 AM-4 PM)

18th March, all day long at the French embassy (9 AM-4 pm)

17th June (5 PM) at the Cass Business School: “Coworking spaces and coworking movements in London: an overview of business models”


15th January at UQAM ( 1 PM to 3 PM)

24th May at UQAM (3 to 5.30 PM at UQAM): “Collaborative communities in Montreal: main trends”

Grenoble and Lyon

17 March (5 PM-7 PM), in Grenoble at the IAE of Grenoble

9th June (5.30 PM at the Tuba), in Lyon “Des soyeux aux makers/coworkers : la tradition lyonnaise des tiers-lieux producteurs d’innovations

11th October (5.30 PM) at IAE of Grenoble, “Collaborative communities: the role of space and architecture”


First meeting in September 2016.

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