• Conference DRS2018 Limerick – 25th-28th June 2018

There is only one month remaining for submissions to the DRS2018 Limerick

    (25th-28th June 2018) calls for Workshops, Conversations, and PhD by Design.

    The final submission date for all three is 15th February 2018. Please note the

    details for each of these calls below:

    Call for Workshops

    Submission Deadline: 15th February 2017

    Workshops are half and full day sessions which provide an opportunity to learn

    in a practical and engaged way about the latest tools, methods and techniques

    of Design Research, Practice, and Education. They aim to bring together design

    researchers and design practitioners in academia, in the public sector, and in

    business and industry. Workshops will take place over the four days of the

   conference, though most will take place on Monday 25th June 2018. Further

    information and Workshop Template is available on the website. If you have

    queries please email workshops@drs2018limerick.org


    Call for Conversations

    Submission Deadline: 15th February 2018

    Conversation is the DRS2018 format for sessions conceived as alternative to

    the traditional paper/presentation format, with the ambition of providing

    innovative venues for project-based research and work that is not easily

    captured or conveyed by the scholarly paper. A Conversation can be a

    structured discussion or experimental session format that advances dialogue

    around emergent forms of design research. The aim of the Conversation format

    is to engage a limited number of attendees in open exchange in arriving at new

    understandings about a topic. Each Conversation is facilitated by convenors

    who will produce a concluding document from their Conversation discussion.

    Dissemination results will be featured on the DRS2018 site following the

    conference. Further information and Conversations Template is available on the


    Any enquiries about Conversations should be directed to:


    Call for PhD by Design

    Submission Deadline: 15th February 2017

    PhD By Design will hold a one-day event at DRS2018 to vocalise, discuss and

    work through some of the many issues of conducting a practice-based PhD in

    Design. This event will be made up of informal presentations of work as an

    opportunity to explore what the future holds for practice-based PhDs. It will

    bring together designers undertaking practice-based doctoral research, as well

    as supervisors, MRes students, and MPhil students within and outwith Design

    Departments. On the day we will produce an Instant Journal documenting

    discussions and outcomes and available during the conference. Further

    information on PhD by Design Limerick is available on the website. Information

    about past events is available at: www.phdbydesign.com

    Any enquiries about PhD by Design should be directed to: team@phdbydesign.com

    Contact Us

    Any enquiries about the conference should be directed to:


    Conference website: www.drs2018limerick.org

    For regular updates follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/DRS2018 and Facebook:


    The Design Research Society is a multi-disciplinary learned society for the

    design research community worldwide. The DRS was founded in 1966, and since

    then has established a record of significant achievements in contributing to

    design knowledge.

    You can visit the DRS website at: http://www.designresearchsociety.org


  • The 2nd  workshop on Phenomenology will be dedicated to the theme “Phenomenology & New Work Practices ” – Université PSL-Paris Dauphine, DRM – Management & Organisation – Friday, the 1st of June 2018

CfP to download : CfC Phenomenology&new work practices2018

Karen Dale (Lancaster University Management School)
Wendelin Küpers (ARTEM ICN Nancy-Metz)

Submission process 
The deadline for the submission of full papers is February the 10th, 2018 via email to: aurore.dandoy@dauphine.eu
1. The abstract (title page, abstract, main text, figures, tables, references, etc.) must be in ONE document created in PDF format.
2.  The minimum length is 1.000 words and the maximum length is 8.000 words.
3.  Use Times New Roman 12-pitch font, 1,5 lines, and 1-inch (2.5 cm) margin all around.
4.  Number all of the pages of the paper.
5.  No changes in the paper title, abstract, authorship, and actual paper can occur after the submission deadline.
6.  Check that the PDF File of your paper prints correctly and ensure that the file is virus-free.
7. Submissions will be done via email to: aurore.dandoy@dauphine.eu
8. Submissions can be in French or in English but presentations will be in English



  • Fabrique des territoires innovants – Cycle de séminaires 2017-2018 « Théories, Méthodes et Enjeux de la Collaboration », tous les deuxième Vendredi du mois, de 9h à 12h, au 2e étage du 7, square Max Hymans.

10 novembre : Intervenant : Aurore Dandoy (Université PSL Paris Dauphine)

PDF du programme : Invitation séminaire FTI 2017-18

Lien pour s’inscrire au séminaire 1 le 13 octobre : https://framaforms.org/inscription-au-seminaire-de-recherche-fti-2017-2018-seance-1-1507042002