Topic of this year :

“Do It Yourself, Exploit Yourself?

Critical Discussions on the Sharing Economy”

 #DIY #DIT #makers #hackers #sharingeconomy #RGCS #OOSE2018

Principal informations:

  • The workshop aims to propose a critical discussion about makers, hacker movement and DIY.
  • During the workshop, the attendants will be asking to produce an active knowledge in the form of a framepad 
  • 3 keynote speakers have confirmed their participation:
      • Anthony Hussenot (University Côte d’Azur-CNRS-GREDEG)
        Anthony Hussenot is a Professor in organization studies at the Université Côte d’Azur. He has conducted research about new work practices and the emergence of new organizational forms. He is currently focussing on topics such as freelancingmakers movement and digital nomads. He is running the research standing working group “New work practices, new lifestyles” at AIMS (French conference in Organization Studies and Strategy, 2017-2020), and the standing working group “Doing Process Research” at EGOS (2017-2020).
      • Mickael Peiro (University of Montpellier)
        Mickael Peiro is a Ph.D. student and activist researcher in alternative organizations. He is interested, through an ethnographic study of three forms of social movements (hackerspaces, squats, local currencies), in how activists intertwine over time, pragmatic issues and transformative intents.
      • Tiit Elenurm (Estonian Business School)
  • As usual : conviviality, walk, and passionate discussions!


Meeting point at 4:00pm at EBS on July, 6th

The event will be divided into two parts:

  1. The first part will be a workshop located near EBS (10 minutes by walk). The workshop will be in the form of a fishbowl
  2. The second part of the event will be a visit to a hackerspace in Tallinn be a visit to a hackerspace in Tallinn called Skeemipesa. Skeemipesa is an experienced development team, who is able to bring projects and ideas quickly into reality. They offer cooperation for Enterprise Estonia’s development and innovation vouchers applying/development. Skeemipesa has organized several hackathons.

During the workshop, the attendants will be asking to produce an active knowledge in the form of a framepad:

Organizing committee: Marie-Hasbi (Université Paris 2), Albane Grandazzi (Université Paris-Dauphine, PSL), Aurore Dandoy (Université Paris-Dauphine, PSL), Stefan Haefliger (CASS Business School), François-Xavier de Vaujany (Université Paris-Dauphine, PSL).

RGCS is an academic network focused on the sharing economy, in particular collaborative communities and collaborative movements (e.g. coworkers, makers and hackers), and how they transform or make visible new work practices and societal changes.

For more information: @collspaces or https://collaborativespacess­