The second White Paper is out

Our third Research Note is out

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Research-oriented document. Summary of the workshops, seminars and RGCS survey for 2015-2016. Key #ideas, #trends, #newworkpractices #innovations identified in the context of our activities.


1.1 First RGCS research note (2016)

a) In French

Nouvelles pratiques de travail : la fin du clivage salariat-entrepreneuriat ?

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b) In English

This book chapter summarizes (in English) our research note: Mitev, N., de Vaujany, FX., Laniray, P. and Fabbri, J. (2018). Co-working spaces, collaborative practices and entrepreneurship, in Collaboration in the Digital Age, Publisher: Springer Verlag.


1.2 Second RGCS research note (2017)

Tiers-lieux et espaces collaboratifs : laboratoires et révélateurs des nouvelles pratiques de travail


1.3 Third RGCS research note (2018)

Le futur du travail en 2030 : quatre atmosphères ?

Slideshare of our third research note below:



Public-Policies, Corporate Strategy, action-oriented document. Based on specific creativity workshops and discussions between coordinators of the network. To know more about the process of our White Paper: A process for RGCS White Paper


2.1 Alpha version of RGCS first White Paper (January 2016)

French-Speaking version: “Les communautés collaboratives dans la cité : de politiques pour à des politiques par les tiers-lieux ?“, version Alpha du White Paper RGCS

English-speaking version: “Collaborative communities in the city: from politics for to politics through third-places“, Alpha version of the White Paper

The slideshare of the Alpha version of our White Paper can be accessed below:


2.2 Omega version of RGCS first White Paper (December 2016)

Coworkers, makers and hackers in the city: Reinventing policies, corporate strategies and citizenship?

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2.3  Second RGCS White Paper (October 2018)

Walking the Commons: Drifting Together in the City. Back to two years of experimentations around Open Walked Event-based Experimentations (OWEE)

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