“Walking in space and time, exploring work & management in Paris”

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Most of the events organized by the Research Group on Collaborative Spaces (RGCS)  till now have focused on new work practices and the future of work. With this new learning expedition in Paris, we will move backwards in space and time. We will explore the past of work practices in Paris, in particular during the late Middle Age and the second empire. Four key spots will be at the heart of our walked and seated discussions: Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris, the Bon marché and Haussmanian boulevards. As usual in the context of our OWEE protocol, places and people will be visited in the flow of our questions and debates. The topics of women at work, time-space of work and key modes of organization will be at the heart of our event and the article we will all co-produce two weeks later. Researchers (historians, sociologists, economists, org scientists…), managers (entrepreneurs, HR managers, space planners, CIO…), designers, activists, entrepreneurs, citizens… are all welcome. As usual, this event organized by the Research Group on Collaborative Spaces (RGCS) is free and open to all people interested in sharing ideas and intuitions about work, management and organization.

Following the OWEE protocol, this event will be largely co-produced by participants. We will improvise and drift in the city. Part of the program will be improvised. Historical knowledge about Middle Age and the second empire in Paris will be co-produced by the group. If you know urbanists, geographers, historians, economist, professional or amateurs, do not hesitate to spread the word…




Date: December, 14th


9.30 AM: meeting point in front of Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris

Introduction of the visit: back to the Middle Age

  • “Object-images” in the Middle Age: how people and workers made sense of the world at that time? The question of space, time and bodies;
  • Back to key terminological issues: “labeur”, “travail” and the legend of the tripalium;
  • Key dimensions of the economic world of the middle age;

10.00-11.00: Visit of Notre Dame and walk around

11.00-12.00: Walk towards the Bon Marché, walked discussion about what we saw. Two different groups.  Come with good shoes J


Stop at the square next to the Bon Marché, metro Sévre Babylone

Introduction: The second empire and the Bon marché, inside the bourgeois society

  • Political context of the second empire;
  • French industrial revolution;
  • Profile of workers, work and management of that time;
  • Focus on Boucicaut project;
  • Feminine emancipation.

12.30-13.30: free time, lunch around

13.30-14.00: Visit of the Bon Marché

14.00-15.00: Walk in small groups towards the Printemps, Haussmanian part of Paris

15.00-17.00: Identification of a quiet bistrot and discussion about the last RGCS research note (“Le travail en 2030: quatre atmospheres?”) which will be a way to analyze work, management and organization today and possible scenario for tomorrow.

Please note that part of our discussions all day long will be tweeted, diffused via posts on Facebook and our blog. The final discussion will be diffused live on Facebook (RGCS account). A collective article (creative commons) will be written to co-produce a common from this experience. Comments and discussions will be in French… except if more than 3 English-speaking persons join us J

Do not hesitate if you need further information: collaborativespaces@gmail.com and fdevaujany@gmail.com